Resources for Success


Annotated Resource List

(n.d.). Retrieved June 5, 2015, from

YouTube is essential for the online learner. In addition to other media sites like, the Google sponsored site, provides video tutorials of many different concepts. The online learner can review the applications of objectives taught in an asynchronous or synchronous learning environment. Students in the online project management course can use YouTube to receive insight on proper application of project management processes and practices from other project management professionals. YouTube should be used in addition to required course text and resources.

(n.d.). Retrieved June 6, 2015, from

Diigo is a tool used to ease the research process through a browser based toolbar. The toolbar allows students to highlight, tag, bookmark, and annotate research documents. This tool is useful as a student and project management professional. One may use this tool when researching data and methods to effective deliver a project, be it in academia or business. The tool can easily be accessed for use in reference to previous documents which can assist in future projects and courses. Diigo is especially helpful in the fully online course environment developing, organizing and maintaining resources.

Morrison, D. (2014, April 8). Resources to Help Students Be Successful Online in Three Areas: Technical, Academic & Study Planning. Retrieved June 6, 2015, from

The list provided in this blog centered on the topic of “Online Learning” was well compiled to address relevant areas particularly important in this Project Management course. One must have access to technical resources to aid in effective use of applications in project management if and when the instructor is not readily available. Academic resources provide a means by which a learner may receive the information based on their preferred learning style. Lastly, the study planning¬†resources provide the opportunity to grow study skills for academia and project management in reviewing previous projects. The Resources listed are condensed and concise for a learner who may know precisely the areas in which more assistance is needed.

Student Success Resources | Mizzou Online | University of Missouri. (n.d.). Retrieved June 5, 2015, from

This resource can serve as a learning tool to all students without regards for subject matter or learning level. The assessment asks questions that consider your previous experiences in classroom experiences, motivation and learning behaviors. Assessment findings provide tips and feedback for the learner; this information can be used in academia and the professional environment. Learners who find online learning difficult may receive recommendations that may ease the distance education experience.

Top Online College Student Resources. (n.d.). Retrieved June 7, 2015, from

The resource provides one of the most intricate lists of tools available to the online learner. The list address based off of subject and contains ninety-nine resources available for use for the online college. For applicable use in the classroom and business environment, the student and professional will find the very well composed list effective. The resource list is best for the learner and/or professional who may need more options to best assist in a transfer of knowledge.


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