Module 2- Assessment



Assessment #1: In the video highlighting the History of Project Management the speaker notated several popular structures that required the use of project management. Select ONE structure, locate pictures online of this structure, research the structure, and create PowerPoint presentation. In this presentation share the structure you selected, the pictures you chose, interesting facts you discovered in your research and how project management may have been used in its creation. This must be completed before moving on to the next topic.  Save to your GOOGLE DRIVE as ASSGN1, Share publicly, and paste the link into the comments below.


Assessment #2:  Create a mind map using images that would correlate to the phases of project management. Number each phase, use each number in a list form to explain why you used this image and how it is best helps you remember what each phase entails.This must be completed before moving on to the next topic.  Save to your GOOGLE DRIVE as ASSGN2, Share publicly, and paste the link into the comments below.


Assessment # 3: Choose any form of delivery you would like, EXCEPT writing a paper. Detail the skills necessary to be an effective project manager , yet also detail the skills an ineffective project manager  may possess. Explain the steps essential for one to continuously grow and maintain skills to thrive as a project manager.Save to your GOOGLE DRIVE as ASSGN2, Share publicly, and paste the link into the comments below.

This is the end of the assessment module of the course.

Attributes of Successful Distance Learners

As the world becomes more technologically advanced and society uses technology to its benefits, people are more prone to become distant learners as some point in their lives. It is everyone’s to be successful at the learning endeavors; however, distance learning can be a little more troublesome. The attributes it can take one to be successful in a face to face can differ from the qualities necessary to be successful in the online environment. The skills necessary to be successful in distance education are consistent among all types of learners and age groups.

      It is said that online learners are “highly motivated, possess good organizational and time skills, and well disciplined.” Motivation is necessary for the distance learner, as it can take drive to encourage oneself to complete coursework without the direct push of an educator. The motivation in the course serves as the reasoning for participating in the course, ensuring the content is actually learned, and successfully completing the course. Motivation is often to link to personal goals, however, one’s motivation can sometimes waiver. It is necessary as an online learner to re-calibrate one’s motivation and continue to use the goals to finish the course in excellence. It is often, educators attempt to find the motivation of their students, so they may draw connections between the motivation and the course producing the important element of relevance. Students participating in distance learning, should be highly motivated which can assist for the “distant” feeling one may feel in the online learning environment.

Time management and organization skills are essential for the distant learner. As society becomes more pressed for time those seeking higher education or convenient learning opportunities look to distance education. Although online learning is readily available to learners at times that best suit their needs, one must use time wisely to adequately meet course guidelines. One should exercise time management in determining the proper timeframe to review and read course materials and complete assignments with considerations for any technical mishaps. In addition to time management one should be sound in organization to keep up with course work and grades. In the face to face classroom, students may have folders or books for their documents, distance students should attempt to create a similar system. Students should maintain their own record of work completed, correspondence with the instructor and other course imperative information. Maintaining records of course information can aid in future course work and any technical information possibly needed for the institution. Keen time management and organization skills can ease the online learning experience for the distance learner.

Managing time, organizing school and staying motivated requires much discipline. In any learning environment it is imperative one has discipline to concentrate on the coursework and plan of study. Discipline makes all the difference in the experience of the distance learner. In the face to face classroom, one may have the distractions of other classmates, cellphones or just simply their thoughts. However, in the distance learning environment, the distractions are present from the general classroom and the computer/internet based distractions. “The temptations of exploring and wasting time are abundant; alarms and popups of social media, games, TV shows and surfing the web can lead students to waste hours before completing a single school-related task.” The distance learner must be disciplined enough to combat two forms of distractions posed by the computer/internet employing their motivation, time management and organization skills.

Distance learners can employ many skills that may ensure they are achieving their best in their courses. However, the successful distance learner adopts attributes that can guarantee a transfer of knowledge occurs if the course is designed effectively and the attributes are properly applied. It is necessary before one becomes actively involved in distance education they find their motivation for the program of study, and use their motivation as a mean manage time; stay organized and well-disciplined in accomplishing their goals for that course of study.


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