Module 1 – Interactive Media Presentations


What is Project Management?

Project Management is defined as “the process of guiding a project from its beginning through its performance to its closure.Project Management includes planning, organizing and controlling” (Portny, et al).

History of Project Management

Now that we have an understanding of what Project management is,  it is necessary to have knowledge of  its evolution. In this section, we will explore the history of Project Management and its growth since inception.

 Discussion Topic: Given the video you have viewed on the History of Project Management, how is project management used in your current role? Please respond to this in the discussion board section of our course.

Project Management Phases

Thus far in our course we have defined Project Management and learned about its evolution and uses thorough out  history. It is essential as professionals to understand project management phases in order to  best serve our stakeholders. In this lesson, we will gain a knowledge of the step-by- step process of project management and the impact each task has on effective project completion.

Discussion Post: In the video, the facilitator states that the most important phase of Project Management is the Initialization Phase. Do you agree? If not, please state why and provide which stage you feel is most important. Please provide supporting facts from the video. Please respond to this in the discussion board section of our course.

 Role of a Project Manager

You have done arduous training on the methods necessary to deliver a seamless project to company stakeholders. You have viewed videos, discussed concepts among classmates, and used performance based assessments to exhibit a transfer of knowledge in subject of Project Management. After you receive your Project Management Certification, it is important to know how you may transition in to your role and serve effectively. In this section, you will learn the various capacities in which you can operate with your new Project Management Certification.

Discussion Post: Discuss with classmates the plans that you have for your newly acquired Project Management Certification. Will you use it in your current role?If so how so?Do you plan to attend further training?Transition into a new role?Please respond to this is in the  discussion board section of our course.

This completes the Interactive Media Module


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